So you're good at homework? 

What do you need?
Basically, we are looking for people with strong problem solving skills. If you have at least four years of university / college level experience in teaching a subject, you're probably an ideal candidate to be working with us. We encourage you to fill out the form to the right and get in touch with us.


If you've got a college degree and things such as theories, pradigms, solutions and homework answers make perfect sense to you then you're the person we're looking for!

Do you want to earn money by doing homework?

How does it work?
Each of our homework experts is given an account on our website through which he/she can log in and browse the list of available assignments and projects. As a homework expert you will be able to bid for individual customer projects at which point we ask that you specify how much you're willing to do the project for and give us an estimate of the marks you think you can get for our customer. The best bids (higher marks for lower price) are typically shown to the customer and the customer makes the final decision regarding which homework expert he/she shall hire for the project!

Since we deal with customers in the virtual world, we expect our experts to write up solutions using Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and other authoring tools that may be required. Please note that most of the work which we do is not simply producing answers to questions. We may have to show the steps involved in solving a problem, therefore you must be comfortable using software tools. You are free to use any tool to aid you in creating the solutions e.g. Matlab, Excel etc. However in certain situations projects may allow you to simply solve questions by hand (we realize that most experts love this method). When you create solutions by hand you can scan and upload them to the website for the customer to download. However we must point out that this is not the normal practice.

Payments are issued on a monthly basis only through PayPal therefore you MUST have a valid and verified PayPal account.

Minimum Requirements:
- Strong skills in your expert field with the ability to create type-written solutions
- Some solution/essay writing experience (online freelancing or otherwise teaching)
- A valid PayPal account

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Additional Information
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